Standard Listings

Setting up

A Standard Listings Page is a solution that displays listings associated with the product number in “vmprodid.” For example, “400” will populate auto insurance advertisement listings. To set the listings up, copy/paste the code found in Box1 inside the container where you want the featured listings to show up.


<!-- **************** KATCH **************** -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
"publisherid" : "REPLACE", //Publisher ID
"campaign" : "REPLACE", //Numeric Publisher Campaign Id
"displayid" : "REPLACE", //Numeric unique ad display Id
"vmprodid" : "REPLACE",
"location" : "",
"maxresults" : "",
"engagementoption" : "",
"p1" : "",
"p2" : "",
"p3" : "",
"p4" : "",
"p5" : ""
<!-- **************** KATCH **************** -->

Serp Parameters Description

  • publisherid = This is your Publisher ID, and it will be assigned when you register on Platform. Your Publisher ID is (PID)
  • campaign = Campaigns are used to track separate implementations, placements or traffic sources. The Campaign ID for this implementation is (CID)
  • displayid (required)= This ID determines the style of your listings, make sure you are using the correct one as styling may be compromised when using the wrong displayid. The displayid for this implementation is (displayid)
  • location = Use this parameter to pass the location of the user making the query. The accepted values of this parameter are zip code or state abbreviation.
    • Passing state. (e.g. “location”: “CA”)
    • Passing zip code. (e.g., “location”: “90210”)

    Important: If the “location” parameter is sent empty or not sent at all, the results listing will be shown using the place where the query was generated as the ­­“Location” parameter.

  • maxresults = Defines the maximum amount of advertisers to show on each page of the listing.
  • vmprodid (required) = This parameter identifies the type of product you want to display on your results. See the table below for reference.
Value Product type Example of parameter with value Associated Brand
100 EDU “vmprodid” : “100”
200 DHS “vmprodid” : “200”
302 Mortgage Refinance “vmprodid” : “302”
301 Mortgage Purchase “vmprodid” : “301”
303 Mortgage Poor Credit “vmprodid” : “303”
400 Auto Insurance “vmprodid” : “400”
501 Individual and Family “vmprodid” : “501”
504 Short-Term “vmprodid” : “504”
502 Group “vmprodid” : “502”
503 Guaranteed Issue “vmprodid” : “503”
505 Student Health Insurance “vmprodid” : “505”
600 Life Insurance “vmprodid” : “600”
700 Auto – Tier 2 “vmprodid” : “700”
800 Home Insurance “vmprodid” : “800”
900 Renters Insurance “vmprodid” : “900”
1000 Medicare Supplemental “vmprodid” : “1000”
1100 Dental “vmprodid” : “1100”
  • engagementoption: This filter will allow you to obtain different types of engagements: clicks, calls or both. When not specified, it will default to clicks only.
Value Meaning Example of parameter with value
1 Clicks “engagementoption” : “1”
2 Calls “engagementoption” : “2”
4 Clicks and Calls “engagementoption” : “4”

Publisher Tracking Parameters

There are 5 available parameters for publisher tracking purposes (p1, p2, p3, p4, p5), these can be used to keep track of your traffic sources, unique visitor tracking, or any other value used to track publisher’s traffic. All data sent to these parameters, will be available in our platform reports.

Guidelines for the p1, p2, p3, p4, p5 parameters:

  • Length: 36 characters
  • Allowed characters: Letters, numbers, underscore and dash

Example of usage: (this is just an example)

  • “p1”: “paidtraffic”
  • “p2”: “21EC2020-3AEA-4069-A2DD-08002B30309D”
  • “p3”: “searchengine-123”
  • “p4”: “ty-page”
  • “p5”: “sidebar”

Special Notes and Suggestions

To enable the Hover effect (mouse over listings) makes sure the DocType on the page is set like this:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">

To get Katch Products extra responsive characteristics, add the following Meta Tag to your page:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

Super Bid Paremeters

Implementing SuperBid will lift the overall CPC of our auctions leading to higher quality media.
If you want to implement SuperBid follow this link

For Support:

If you have any trouble setting this up, please contact us at