Search box

Setting up the Search Box

Please follow the next steps the implement your Search Box:

Step 1

Copy/paste the content of Box 1 and make sure to place it inside the container where you want the search box to be displayed.

Step 2

Specify the URL where you want the Listings to be displayed in the parameter “action”. An example of this page could be:


<!-- **************** KATCH **************** -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
"publisherid" : "REPLACE",
"displayid" : "REPLACE",
"action" : " /result-page /",
"method" : "get"
<!-- **************** KATCH **************** -->

Search Box Parameters Description

  • publisherid = This is your Publisher ID, and it will be assigned when you register on Platform. Your Publisher ID is (PID)
  • displayid = publisher unique display Id. This ID is unique to each display you may have on your site, make sure you are using the correct one as styling may be compromised when using the wrong
  • action = This is the target URL of the SERP page where the publisher will show the Listings.
  • method = This indicates the method that the form will use when submitted. Values can be “get” or “post”. Default is get. Post won’t work unless you get the parameters in the backend and echo them to the results page code. If you’re not sure use “get”.

For Support:

If you have any trouble setting this up, please contact us at