Leave Behind

Setting up

Step 1

Locate where you want to place the Leave Behind Solution and the target URL on your listings page. This can be on a URL like www.yourdomain.com/results-fas.html). The Leave Behind Solution needs to be placed on each page where you want the listings to trigger. The Leave Behind Solution script will interact with the search box on that page.

Step 2

Copy/paste the search box’s code shown below and make sure to place it inside the container where you want the search box to appear

New fas Code

<!-- **************** KATCH **************** -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn.katch.com/p/ads/vm_app_fas.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
"displayid": "REPLACE", // Numeric unique ad display Id
"publisherid": "REPLACE", // Publisher ID
"url": "//yourdomain.com/results.html"
<!-- **************** KACTH **************** -->

Step 3

In the “url” parameter, replace its current value “/results-page-fas/” with the Target URL you located on Step 1. Example: “/results-page/” Replace with http://www.yourdomain.com/results-fas.html.

Fas Parameters Description

  • publisherid = This is your Publisher ID, and it will be assigned when you register on Platform. Your Publisher ID is (PID)
  • campaign = Campaigns are used to track separate implementations, placements or traffic sources. The Campaign ID for this implementation is (CID)
  • url = This is the target URL for the searchbox/serp form. It will be set in the searchbox form action attribute. In this case the action will be “/results-page” because that’s going to be the landing page for the search.

For Support:

If you have any trouble setting this up, please contact us at implementations-support@katch.com.